I am not a tech-savvy person by any stretch of the imagination. I can do the basics, what I need to do and building a website doesn't really fall into those categories. And yet that is the task I set myself last week, and here I am still trying to build the damn thing!

Here's a little history. Last year, in my haste to get the novel out, after numerous major frustrations I decided I needed a website. I picked what I thought was the provider to go with and got something up in a few days. It was complicated but I managed and was fairly happy with what I produced. Fast forward to January this year and it's time for a change. The cover, blurb and author profile (none of which I was really happy with but that's another story) desperately needed a change, books are very much so judged by their covers. But with these changes came that small voice at the back of my mind which kept saying "website". With my current plan almost at an end I started doing a little digging only to discover that I'd set up with the wrong provider. Ok easily sorted, close this one down, transfer the domain and get the new one up. It needed updating so this was the perfect opportunity to start again.

Now I'm not one for adverts but they all tell you how easy it is, get your site up and running in less than a day etc etc. I think not. And this is why a week later I'm still sat here, trying to get something put together. It will be done, it is being done now but to say I haven't rage quit a couple of times would be lying. But I have my trusty supervisor laying next to my chair making sure I keep working.

On a more positive note, the first draft of Soastan's Magic book 2 is very close to completion, it will be out this year and it won't be as stressful as the first! Looking forward to sharing it with you all.