After weighing my options, I was able to finally book a Hampton Inn yesterday. I had to wait until I was paid and booked the room almost immediately. And this has eased a lot of tension and stress I was feeling over the last few weeks.

I will bring my actual computer with me, so I should be able to continue blogging and making videos...providing the Hampton's Internet can handle uploading to YouTube without taking several hours. I'm crossing my fingers that this Hampton Inn has an ethernet jack for Internet. Some of them do, so perhaps being in the Tech Center, it will.

Aside from this, I have a busy day of moving. We have the U-Haul and the kids and I are getting ready to fill it.

This is probably going to be an exceptionally long month. But, at least I'll be in a location I am comfortable with staying. And in the end, anything to reduce my stress level right now is preferred.