After a really bad series of events last week, this past week actually unfolded a bit better. Though, I still need to learn to tell people "no" and stick to my work schedule.

It would be so much easier if I had an office away from home.

Targeted Video Doing Well

I decided to change my focus on the WriterSanctuary YouTube channel. Before, I was kind of just winging it. But one of the recent videos, the one about fixing CLS, is actually doing very well compared to the rest.

That's what happens when you target keyphrases and search intent.

Unfortunately, the next few videos probably aren't going to do that well. This is because I'm making them to help a few people who have asked for specifics about using WordPress and blogging. But who knows, perhaps one of them will take off.

Later today, I plan on diving more into keyword research for YouTube and check out trends. I'm still a long way off from hitting 4k hours watch time to get monetized.

Then, I'll make that $10 per month from videos! :)

Changing AMP Settings and Why

I had to change AMP settings on a couple of my websites. In case you missed it, I did a live stream on what happens when you add Accelerated Mobile Pages to WordPress. And although it increased the score by 50 points in PageSpeed Insights, it also broke a lot of my more engaging plugins.

If you have plugins that are no longer working, or if Google Analytics stops recording traffic, change from "Standard" to "Transitional."

This keeps AMP from triggering on all devices and only focuses on mobile. And, it seemed to fix all of the plugins that were broken.

Moving Despair to a Creative Channel

To see if maybe the creative videos are messing with my channel in terms of the YouTube algorithm, I'm moving Despair and any other creative work to its own channel.

I was going to use my original channel from 2005 since it only has a handful of videos that I can delete. But, I don't like the channel name.

So, I'm going to see about creating a whole new one specifically for being creative. This might include some parodies and whatnot. Just something fun that I want to put out Despair. I'm having a lot of fun putting those videos out.

As soon as I have the URL, I'll share it with everyone.

Need to Go Get Ready

Well, it's time to get ready for Friday Morning Latte. Today, I'm doing a live stream of speed testing different themes and what causes the biggest impact on site performance.

Hopefully, I'll be able to chat with people today. YouTube broke my chat window in last week's live stream.

Have a great weekend!