Although a couple of things kind of crumbled apart this week, I was able to stay on task for the most part. It's times like this that I realize just how chaotic my life is, especially on days when I am overly productive.

Seriously, I do try to take on way too much. Though, my stress level has dropped quite a bit since I started focusing on stabilizing one thing at a time. And I believe the overall quality of what I produce is better for it.

At any rate, how was your week in terms of productivity? What kind of goals did you meet?

Finally Got WriterSanctuary Back on Schedule

After pushing through the week, I finally got WriterSanctuary back on a schedule of regular posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Now, I just need to make sure it stays that way. Aside from the fact that I'm running a case study on it, I do find far more growth when the blog is regular.

Why is it vital to keep the blog a week ahead? Because it greatly reduces the stress on me. Instead of trying to grind out something for that day, I can take a bit of time throughout the week for the next three posts. When you try to tackle as much as I do, any bit of stress relief greatly matters.

Now, I just need to get the other four blogs on a regular schedule.

Getting YouTube on a Schedule Now

Next, I am going to start working on getting YouTube a week ahead. Take today, for example. I was out until 2:00 pm and I haven't done any work yet. There is no way I'll be able to record and upload a video in a timely manner as I have to catch up on everything else.

With this weekend being Easter, I'm not sure if I'll have time to start working on getting ahead for the videos. I have a garden to build tomorrow and then I'm spending Sunday with the kids. So, I'll have to work on it next week.

It'll be nice as soon as I get everything stabilized, though.

Still Working on Kingmaker

I'm still working on my next book. Though, I didn't get in as much time as I would have liked this week. Again, I was trying to keep all of the tops spinning while getting ahead for WriterSanctuary.

And now that I might have a new client, I'll have to jockey the fun stuff around a bit more. But hey, it's an extra $200 per month, which is a bit more than my emergency room bill...long story.

American healthcare systems suck ass.

Vocal Experiment is Coming Along Slowly

I started working on my next experiment with Vocal. Unfortunately, it's going a lot slower than I would have liked. That's what happens when you pile too much on your plate. Still, I am eager to see the data regarding which makes more money.

It's going to make an interesting blog post and video. Unfortunately, the data won't be available for 90 days after I publish the final article.

At any rate, there's still quite a bit to come this year, and I'm pretty excited to see what some of these plans can deliver.

Clients and Sponsors Falling Short

So, I had issues with a client this week and a new sponsorship kind of fell through because their system isn't very intuitive or reliable. I kind of want the $1500 potential payout for the content I'll create, but I don't support tools that aren't very effective. This means I might just have to miss out on the payday.

Oh well...unlike a lot of other creators, I am extremely picky when it comes to sponsorships. If it's not going to help my audience, I'm not going to get on board.

This isn't the first time I had to reject an offer, either. Seriously, what good would it do for me to hawk your video editing software to an audience who wants to learn to be freelance writers?

One of these days, I'll come across a decent brand. But until then, I'll just keep doing what I do.

I'm Still Ahead of Schedule for Goals

The good thing about all of the stuff I've done this week is that I am still ahead of my primary 2022 goals. Even though I would have loved to be done with Kingmaker by now, it's turning into a better book by taking my time. And considering the hardships I've had since November of last year, I'm quite impressed with how well I can keep it together.

Anyway, here's to a good week. Let's make next week even better!