I got moved in over the weekend. And for once in a very long time, a massive burden of stress has been lifted. No more landlords who don't fix anything; no more mold seeping throughout the house; and no more isolation in a hotel room. At least now, I can move about a house.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize just how much junk I have in my office at any given time. It's a bit of a train wreck in here, but I have some awesome ideas about how to decorate. I just need Ikea to open...or at least some of the stores on furniture row.

But for now, I just set up the computer so I could work. After all, I need to make sure I can still pay for this place in a month. Not to mention I have a bit of momentum for the blog going and don't want to lose that forward gain.

I still have to add pigtails to the wiring of every socket because the house uses aluminum instead of copper (yep, it's that old). However, that's not a very difficult process...just incredibly time-consuming as it needs to be done to every socket and switch in the house.

My friend thinks I should still make regular videos even though the background is a wreck. And then viewers can watch the transition from where it is now to what it will be. I'm still debating on creating short vlog pieces as I move stuff around and get set up. I suppose either way might work. That is, unless I get another comment about how someone can't take me seriously because the room is such a mess. lol.

But, I can say that the new house does have a very homely feel. And I think it's the age and the aura that makes it feel like my Grandma Brockbank's house back in Utah. I don't know if it's the brick walls or the overall "older house smell" that was here when moving in. But, I do feel as safe and warm here as I did in her house.

At any rate, I am back up and running. So, I need to get some content created as I want May to be the best month of the year. All I need to do now is travel across the state to pick up my feline friends.

As much of a pain they are when trying to record videos, I miss my cats something fierce.