I'm still in the hotel and trying to keep myself busy. But, I've come to a sad realization while facing this COVID-19 thing...that I'm just not all that exciting of a person.

In reality, this lockdown really hasn't affected my life in the slightest. I live pretty much as an introvert hermit who works from home. I never go anywhere, have very few friends, and rarely leave the house when it doesn't have to do with shopping.

I wanted this year to be different, though. I want to get out and mingle, meet new people and be a part of society. Unfortunately, everyone staying at home makes personal connections quite a bit difficult. However, I have done a few things online.

For example, I've been to two virtual WordCamps to help out my team. WordCamps are small conventions held for those who appreciate WordPress, a content management system for building websites.

I've met quite a few really awesome people. Unfortunately, most of them live thousands of miles from me. Which is kind of a bummer because it's hard to have cocktails with someone who lives in another country. Well, unless I go on a real vacation for once.

I'm still having an issue trying to get videos up in a timely manner from the hotel. I'm going to work on one today, and I hope to have it uploaded before 9 pm. It just takes so long to upload, and then YouTube is taking forever rendering the video.

On the upside, according to the seller contract, I should be in my new house no later than April 30th. So, I have eight days at the most to start moving in. The problem is that I won't be able to set up an appointment for Internet to be installed until after we close on the house. This means I'll still be in a hotel for at least a week while I wait for Century Link to install the fiber optic. Sigh...

Still, I am far better off than many people at the moment. So, I really can't complain. I just wish there was more that I can do to help people who are severely struggling right now. The $25 gift card I'm giving away next week really doesn't feel like enough to me.