Things have been incredibly hectic. And this time, it's not merely because I've been lazy. I keep getting new projects thrown at me, which winds up postponing things further and further. But, I'm still here...

I had to change my support goal on BMC. I've decided I needed a new computer before getting the HDI adapter for my current rig. This is because I need something that has more umph behind it for rendering videos. Don't get me wrong, my $1000 dollar custom machine does a great job. I just need more processing power than what I have now.

I was debating on simply upgrading this one with a new CPU. But, I still need a second computer for doing the gaming stuff anyway. So, the new goal is for my professional setup so I can put this one out in the living room for general gaming on Twitch.

I'm still pushing to meet my Halloween Resolution of at least finishing the final chapter to VII this month. I've got quite a bit done, but then comes the cringe worthy part of going back over the old chapters and sprucing them up. Then, I am going to edit the entire piece completely before self-publishing. So, the novel on Wattpad is probably going to be much different than what is actually published.

And lastly, I'm still trying to come up with something that is worthwhile for a $5 per month membership on BMC. I'll put more thought into it and perhaps ask during my live stream tonight...that is if anyone shows up. The last live stream had 0 watchers and turned out to be a 15 minute video of me just being tired. lol