Buy Kristi Keller a coffee


Although this is my virtual coffee shop, I'd rather canvas for doggy treats.  I have an unhealthy reliance on my dog for happiness and joy, and she delivers every single day. 

As a writer, I'm abundantly splattered all over the internet.

I have several different writing personas depending on where you find me. 

I write as myself in most places and a twenty-eight-year-old man in others.  I even pretend to be the amusing mind of a dog if you locate me in the right spot on Instagram.

I prefer to write like no one is reading because sometimes, it might just be true. 

Here's where you can find me online.  Believe me, I've got something for everyone.

Written by Kristi - My once new, but then old, but then new again Substack publication where I hope to teach writers a thing or two.

Grief Notes - A weekly publication about sifting through loss in all its glory, misery, levity, and pain.

Free-range Writing on Medium - My unfiltered, unraveled collection of stories and articles since 2019.