Who TF Knows with Emily Rose

Who TF Knows about... Bimbo Summit!

Dec 04, 2021

blows dust off mic

Is this thing on?? I sure hope so, because this episode is one you'll DEF want to tune into.  In celebration of  THE Lindsay Lohan's recent engagement, and in honor of the 15 year anniversary of what is known to be Pop Culture HISTORY... Emily Rose takes on the wonderful task of covering 2004's ICONIC "Bimbo Summit" . AKA "That picture of Paris, Lindsay and Britney" or "The Holy Trinity" or "2007 Pontiac Sunshade" ... whatever you call it, it's a moment, it's a vibe, and it DEF a great episode! Grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and let me take you back to November 29th, 2006....

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