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Hey 👋 

We are a Dresden-based Rock Band, floating in between decades and different styles of rock music. 

Since the start of the lockdown, we have created some content on our instagram. 

I you feel like supporting us during these intense times, you can go ahead. It is much appreciated and reaches the band directly.

You can find us on insta, fb and our website.

Dennis Johansson
Dennis Johansson bought 5 jägis.

There you go guys! some Coffee for you! 😜 😊 

Alex bought 5 jägis.

Jetzt aber her mit dem neuen Album! 

Someone bought 5 jägis.
Rouven bought 5 jägis.

Thanks for all the amazing concert evenings in the past and hope to see you as soon as possible back on stage again. Stay strong and healthy, best wishes from Leipzsch