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wxrrixrs (pronounced "warriors") is a pop-punk/pop-rock/alternative-rock band from the Hoosier state of Indiana. The band was formed in the spring of 2019 by, and currently is, Shannon Levi Jr. (guitarist/vocalist/lyricist) and Mauro Mendez (bassist/vocalist).

The two met in the seventh grade through an assignment and forced seating arrangement in their AP ELA class. Soon after, they became best friends, sharing a common interest in games, hobbies, etc. After years of joking about it, they eventually decided to start the band near the end of their freshman year of high school.

Although the band caters more towards the pop-punk and alternative scene, some of the band's influences stem from a large range of genres; pop-punk, lo-fi, EDM, alternative, etc. Most notably, primary acts the band cites as major influences include Waterparks, All Time Low, Marshmello, Weezer, and Melanie Martinez. The band's blend of lo-fi/EDM and rock/alternative sounds stems from Mauro's and Shannon's personal music tastes respectively.

wxrrixrs released their debut singles Pathways (on May 22, 2020) and Gold Stars (on June 24, 2020) after teasing new music. They are currently writing and demoing for a potential debut EP or mini-LP, and plan to release more originals and covers throughout the course of 2020. They have been featured on Discord's very first community playlist, as well as a COVID-19 charity compilation. While they currently aren't accessible on major streaming platforms, you can listen to their singles on their Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube pages.

NOTE: do not ask the band where they got their name. they are known to get aggressive and hostile, verbally and physically. you've been warned.