Kai Men exercises are exclusive to the Li Family arts, and I have always loved them ever since I joined my first Tai Chi class 10 years ago. I love that they have two parts - a sequence to warm your body up in preparation for the extension, or sometimes just to practise for a year or two until you are ready to do the 2nd part; I love that we breathe in time with the movements and don't hold the position - you can flow like water into a position then back again, meaning the moves are relaxing as well as giving you a good stretch. I have my favourite exercises that I practise on a regular basis. There are many, many Kai Men from Bear Stance, and this is one that I have been doing lately. Remember to keep your arms in line with your ears and not drop your head but look to a point on the floor about two feet away from you. Always exercise within your own limits and, as soon as you feel the stretch, flow back out of the position. Enjoy :-)