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We are a Dickensian style independent bookshop selling antique, vintage and used books in a comfortable, quirky, unique environment in the beautiful Matlock town. 

Normally our doors are open to all and we love to welcome all the new customers as well as our lovely regulars. Unfortunately like so many other businesses we have had to close our doors and wonder how, when or even if we will be able to open them again. Help support us especially during these extraordinary times of the Covid 19 crisis, and ensure that we can keep going!

Welcome to my BMC page. If you like my content, please consider buying me a coffee. Thank you for your support! 

We’ve been open around three years so far and have strived to offer our customers an unusual book buying experience. Offering beautiful vintage books at great affordable prices allowing everyone the chance to own unique pieces of history. 

@SAHMSmith bought 5 coffees.

Haven't managed to come and see your fabulous shop since February due to shielding. I miss you and the books so much! Have a coffee to keep you going and I look forward to coming back in soon xx 

SirDesmondWa bought 5 coffees.

Best wishes to you and hope back soon

Thank you so much!  Hopefully if we get enough support we can make it through!

@JaneBettany bought 3 coffees.

Looking forward to visiting the shop when things get back to normal

Elizabeth Haines bought a coffee.
Amy bought 3 coffees.

My partner and I were meant to be having a holiday in Matlock next week, mostly so I could drag him along to visit you! I came a coupe of years ago in Retford and have such fond memories - you were very kind and chatty (my friends and I were English undergrads then) and gave us the last slice of chocolate cake for free as it had been used for Instagram purposes and was a little worse for wear! We will come and visit and browse soon but in the meantime have some 'coffee' in support and in thanks for your kindness all that time ago :)