My name is Bjarne Kvilvang born in Norway at a place called Røros in 1970 25 of august and moved up to Svalbard in 1977, lived at Svalbard until 1992 and moved back to Røros. In 1998 did I move to Sveg in Sweden where I still live with my family. I'm a lucky man with 3 great children, 3 grand children and a beautiful wife.

I started with the RC hobby in 1980 and had to learn to fly the hard way. Building my own planes from balsa wood and crashed them when trying to fly them due to that I had no one that could help me and show me hove to fly. So when I finally learned how to fly did my planes wight be double due to all the glue on them.

I do have 75% disability benefits due to an disease that gives me a lot of pain in all my muscles and make me bedridden for weeks when it's really bad. Due to my disease don't I have a lot of means to upgrade or keep up with a high standard in equipment when my income is so low.

So if you want and can would I be extremely grateful if you would help me by a donation. Every little $ will help out a lot, and there are no minimum if you can help me keep up with my videos and my website

Equipment I need to by/upgrade:

1. Better PC for editing videos - Fixed

2. Better videocamera - Missing

3. Runcam's for onboard filming - Missing

4. Lighting for indoors filming - Missing

5. Mic for better sound - Missing 

Cheers Bjarne