Buy Xavier Santiago a coffee


As Xavier progresses through treatment, he is experiencing a series of side effects: nausea, vomiting, alopecia/hair loss, increased risk of infection due to suppressed immune system functioning, weakness, fatigue and muscle deterioration requiring support with daily activities such as showering, walking and dressing. These effects are expected to worsen as Xavier's treatment intensifies. To date, Xavier is still holding down a full-time job, with another one starting soon. Since he can do work at home only, the hours are unpredictable and lacking, which has caused quite a gap in ordinary expenses. (Rent, Food and Utilities) Many who have fought this fight before know that the cost is high for both treatment and medicines. Your donation can help with normal living costs and the medications that provide some level of comfort. The greatest need is to maintain a home with running power, as medical oxygen therapy is needed on a 24hr bases. Please help us provide some support and stand with Xavier!