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Just a guy who likes to make useful stuff for gaming communities, current focus is, who knows what will be next, got an idea ? ;)

Hi there, thanks so much for visiting my page!!

I'm just a regular guy with a full time job, wife and 3 kids. For a long time I've enjoyed working on map related websites in my spare time covering a range of games including H1Z1, PUBG, Fortnite and more recently BF and World of Warcraft. I'm always looking out for new games and ideas to help gaming communities, feel free to share your ideas :)  

My current focus is and is probably where you've linked from.  Stand out moment of this site has been working with some of the guys at DICE to put together my awesome selection of Battlefield 5 maps, kudos to those guys.

Anyway, that's me, if you fancy shouting me a coffee awesome, if not that's cool.  Either way I appreciate you being apart of my journey :)


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Really nice map but could you make it so you can zoom in more so that items that are really close together can be clicked? Or a button to spread them out. Also a way to refresh after you toggle not in the menu. Also have points of interest on the left side of map instead of menu. Also when you toggle the elements of you can still click on them, like they're still there just invisible. Also maybe have a small name of the item come up on mouse over so you don't have to click and load image every time. Good map just some flaws.

Thanks for the coffee and constructive feedback, I'll look to see what I can do.

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