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Hello 👋 and thanks for checking out Nymble! I am single-handedly designing and developing this turn-based puzzle game, as well as creating the artwork and composing/producing all the music for it.

This is something I do on my spare time, so it would really mean a lot to me if you make a donation to support my work.

Thanks and keep on jumpin'.


Alexander Susse
Alexander Susse bought a coffee.

This game was so extremely frustrating... in the best possible way. The music was perfect, too, so it's awesome that you made it yourself! I'm very impressed, start-to-end a phenomenal game.

Hahaha, happy to hear it was frustrating in a good way. Currently working hard to get this out for mobile--thanks for your support. Thanks especially for your comment on the soundtrack--glad to hear you thought it was perfect for the game! 😊 

Rick Hou
Rick Hou bought a coffee.

Thanks Rick! You're the first one--appreciate the support :D

I really enjoyed the game. The last boss level is quite inventive. Thank you for making this available. Keep up the good work!