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I am currently developing and maintaining ControllerX, an AppDaemon app that allows you to easily bind controller events to different HA entities (lights, media players, switches, covers).
Adam bought a beer.

You saved me a tons of time, thank you! 

Thank you for your support :) I am glad ControllerX worked well for you and it saved you time and headaches 😊  

crserran bought 2 beers.

Controllerx is amazing! I am able to control any light without writing a single line of code!! Thank you for your effort in this project you are awesome🔥 😄 😄 

Thanks! :D

Henning Tvekov bought 2 beers.

I could write a looooong history, as I usually end up doing commentin issues etc. But here I'll just keep it simple with a big THANK YOU, Xavi !! 😎🚀🚀

Thank you a lot for your support Henning. And thank you for always commenting on the issues, I really enjoy discussing them with you. I am already happy with your advice, knowledge, and experience that you bring to the project. Thank you again :)

Kenneth Fribert bought 2 beers.

This controllerx is a lifesaver, it has saved me from a LOT of work with getting deconz and my IKEA colour lights to cooperate. No coding at all for me, just select the right controller, and what actions I want it to handle, and DONE.👍 

Thanks Kenneth for your support. I am glad that ControllerX served you well and saved you from doing lots of work on your own😄