Hiya! 💜

It's officially summertime and the weather has been very warm this week and looks set to continue to be warm into the coming week too... I don't mind the warmer weather but generally anything over 20°C I find very uncomfortable so earlier in this week when it was near enough 30°C outside I was ready to drop... 😅

Aside from the weather I have had a rather busy week overall and of course it was my Birthday back on Monday... and we will not talk about how I didn't do a Birthday blog, I forgot and had other things to worry about away from blog so it definitely took a backseat in my mind unfortunately.

To start up the blog, let's talk about my Birthday and how I hate being 25! 😂

Aside from the fact that I hate that I am getting older I did have a good day and got plenty of gifts and even more Birthday wishes that I never even got around to properly thanking everyone for so thank you to all of those who celebrated my Birthday with me whether it was in person or wishing me a Happy Birthday online! 💜🎂💜

Me and Jojo did a cosplay picnic in my back garden with some japanese themed snacks (which were very tasty!), we spent a lot of the time taking selfies and generally chatting and it was just nice to be able to chill in the garden and in cosplay without a care in the world - especially with how things are in the world still and all I have been dealing with in real life I definitely felt like I needed it! 💜

I cosplayed as Taichi Nanao (from A3! Act! Addict! Actors!) for the day, it was fun and I got some decent photos so I have got a little bit of content to post on Instagram for a while (even though I'm sure I am still shadowbanned on there, thinking about making a new account to be honest)! 😭

I was quite pleased with my makeup but that is mainly because I'm not allowing myself to look at my photos for too long - if I look at my photos for too long I will end up hating them all! 😂😭

I have two new Taichi posts from my Birthday up on Instagram for anyone who wants to see them! 😊

Speaking of Taichi, the Fiery Mantou Fist event in A3! ended earlier in the week and I managed to finish in 4th place!

I would have loved to have finished in 3rd place and it would have been possible if I had more resources for the event but I wasn't prepared enough to do that well but I will happily accept 4th place! 😊

I won't lie I have barely touched A3! since the event ended, I'm burnt out from playing the game so much in such a short space of time! 💔💀💔

Aside from that I saw some more of Haru and I also helped to decorate the garden too, which you will see in my selfies I took earlier today for one of the last segments of the blog! 😌

To go back to gaming talk, I've ended up getting back into playing Animal Crossing New Horizons because of my Birthday and I remembered how much I hate the Bear villagers (sorry to the Bear villager lovers reading this 💀) and I had Megan on my island... so I have spent a lot of my time this week trying to get Megan off from island because... she just terrifies me... 💀

I ended up having to boot Marina off from my island as Megan wouldn't leave when I kept time travelling and then the idea struck me... what if I boot Marina off from my island, hunt for another villager I like and THEN use my Marina amiibo coin that I have to get Marina back on my island and then in turn boot Megan off from my island...

The plan worked! I can't believe I didn't think of that before, this way I don't technically lose Marina off from my island and I didn't have a high friendship level with her anyway so I wasn't exactly losing out on much by doing this!

Before I do forget to say, I ended up with finding Audie during the hunt for a new villager on my island! I did tell myself no more Wolf villagers as I already have 2 of them on my island (Fang and Vivian) but Audie... you have to make an exception for her! She is so so cute! 💞🥺💞

As we are near the end of the blog now, it is time to talk about my one package I received this week!

I received a package of Inosuke merch from Beeeans (@/beeeanshop on both Twitter and Instagram)! I got this t-shirt and also a holographic sticker (which I forgot to take a photo of! 🤦🏻‍♀️).

Here is a (somewhat) better photo of the t-shirt which also includes photos of decorations in the garden I helped with yesterday!

Please support Beeeans! They're having a hard time with a huge bill thanks to the cladding scandal so they need the help more than ever! Even if you can't make a purchase yourself please just spread the name of the shop - any help is better than zero help! I will link to the tweet here:

I am absolutely disgusted that the Government is forcing the ones who live in the flats to pay for the remediation of the blocks of flats when these innocent have done nothing wrong in all of this. There are also a few petitions in the above Twitter thread which can also be signed for those who want to try and show their support! 💜

This is the end of the blog! 💜

Thank you all for reading, I hope you have all had an amazing week and this coming week treats you all amazingly well too! 💜

My top 5 song recommendations for this week (featuring Lucifer's and Misumi's character songs as it is both of their Birthdays today! 💜):