Hiya everyone! I feel like it has been a long time since I did a 'weekly' blog... quoting the weekly part as I didn't do a blog post properly for last week, sorry about that everyone, things haven't been great privately for me recently and I've been taking more of a step back from social media as a whole and that included the blog unfortunately.

I wanted to do a blog post just to say that things still aren't amazing privately but I am ok so please don't worry! I don't want to talk about it all on here so please don't ask me about what happened, I appreciate the privacy on that side of things at this point in time. 💜

On a more positive note, I wanted to give a general update on things that haven't been so rubbish in my life, I'm not too sure where to start so I guess why not talk about the Pokémon GO Fest 2021 weekend that has officially ended here in the UK!

So I'm sure a lot of you are aware that I love Pokémon so it should come as no surprise that I do play Pokémon GO!

This years event was based on the mythical Pokémon Meloetta!

Back on July 6th was the 5th Anniversary of Pokémon GO! Whilst there was a tie-in event ingame to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the popular game, GO Fest was much more highly anticipated by players worldwide. Whilst GO Fest was a ticketed event and had a few locations across the globe where you could participate in the GO Fest activities in person you could also enjoy the event - whether you brought a ticket or not - from anywhere across the globe where Pokémon GO is available!

As with any game, event etc., the paid option always gives more content than the free option. This years event was no different in that aspect but continued the trend of being able to be enjoyed from anywhere in the world and not being location specific like it has been previously.

I brought the ticket for GO Fest, it was £4.99, down from the price of £14.99 that it would normally be and to be absolutely honest the £4.99 price tag was much more fair and didn't feel like a rip off unlike the original price tag of £14.99. With the ticket came the opportunity to catch exclusive Pokémon such as Chatot and to be able to enjoy a special research story that gave you access to either Pop Star or Rock Star Pikachu and also the opportunity to have early access to the Mythical Pokémon Meloetta!

Meloetta is one of my favourite Mythical Pokémon so I just had to get the ticket... to be honest the Pop Star Pikachu was also another incentive for me to buy the ticket - which that also answers the question of which Pikachu I chose! 💗

GO Fest is generally known as an event where the opportunity lies to catch loads of Shiny Pokémon, to make memories and to also catch loads of Legendaries in Raids on the second day!

As I had mentioned about Shiny Pokémon - these are the ones I caught over the weekend! I caught 7 Shiny Pokémon overall which is not a lot considering that I did actually head out and about during the majority of the event on Day 1 but despite the small amount I am pleased with what Shiny Pokémon I did catch!

To focus on Day 1 - this is the day I caught all of my Shiny Pokémon, excluding Rayquaza, that one was from today. I must say that at first I did start getting annoyed with the lack of Shiny Pokémon I was finding but I was pleased when I found Tympole - my first Shiny Pokémon from GO Fest! I love Tympole, I think it is quite a cute Pokémon so I was happy to have gotten a Shiny Tympole!

Then after that I got two Shiny Chimecho's - not quite one after the other but it felt like it as they were my second and third Shiny!

My fourth Shiny was Audino! I absolutely love Audino to bits and Audino's Shiny variant is one of my absolute favourite Shiny Pokémon! I used to have one around 10 years ago in the original Pokémon Black and White games but sadly lost him so I was really pleased to have gotten a Shiny Audino from GO Fest and better yet to have gotten one that was also a male! Male Audino's are rarer than female Audino's so I was super pleased to have gotten a Shiny male Audino, I want to put it in Pokémon Home soon so I can have him in my main series games! 💜

After Audino I got a Shiny Aipom! I love Aipom so this was another Shiny I was really pleased to find and catch! I won't lie I do prefer Aipom's original colouration compared to its Shiny colouration but I am not complaining as it is still a nice Shiny! 💗

Then my final Shiny Pokémon for the day was Kricketot! I do like Kricketot so I was pleased to have been able to catch this one too!

Overall from Day 1 my most proud capture was of course my Shiny Audino! I feel like I have already explained why I was so happy to catch one but before I caught it I didn't mind if it was female, better if it was male (which it was!) as it would feel like I have my old Shiny Audino back again from years ago! 💜

Day 2 will be a quick one to cover as I only got one Shiny and that was Rayquaza! As much as I was disappointed about only getting the one Shiny on Day 2 of GO Fest I could only complain so much as I do love Shiny Rayquaza and I was also playing from home the whole day so it should be to no surprise that I didn't find much in the way of Shiny Pokémon at all. So overall on a positive note at least I got one of my favourite Shiny Legendary Pokémon if nothing else! 🖤

Aside from playing Pokémon GO I haven't done a lot else recently aside from watching Miura Ayme's Hyper Japan live - which is available on YouTube and I have also directly linked it below! 💜👇🏻🖤

It was a lot of fun and there was also a small Obey Me related segment which was also fun to watch and listen to! 💜🖤

Speaking of Ayme, today officially marks two weeks until my Zoom call with Ayme! It still feels incredibly surreal and I still need to sort everything out including an outfit choice etc. before the call happens! I still haven't made my mind up as to what I'll wear and I am also worried that I will get too nervous and go non-verbal for the entire call... 💜🥲🖤

I will do my best and I will also push myself to say a huge thank to Ayme for all of his hardwork, I just want him to know that I appreciate all of his work and that I am rooting for him! 💜🥺🖤

As I have said before, I will not be recording the meeting, as much as I want to keep a record of meeting Ayme I don't want to ruin things for myself or other fans as any recordings could potentially mean no one else gets to have this opportunity in the future! 💔

I will talk about it, I am allowed to do that but I will not be allowed to record it so just another one of the many reminders before I get to meet him! 💜🖤

Before ending the blog for this week, I have also had this week off from work! Most of the week the weather was very muggy and gloomy, exactly the kind of weather I hate! However from Friday kt started getting nicer and I took a few photos whilst I was at my local park on Friday afternoon! 🌞

I just really like taking photos up trees from below, they just make for nice photos! 💚🌳💚

I also took a photo of a small clearing that is at the opposite end of my local park!

I remember when I was little I always wondered where this clearing led to - if there was a path on the other side of it - and I took the opportunity to have a nose around and discovered that there is a very steep path down to the pathway down below and I didn't go down it as I don't fancy either:

  • Breaking a body part, or

  • Falling into the river down below

I of course didn't go down it, I already know where the path goes and on the side of the river I was on I wouldn't have gotten far as there isn't a 'proper' path along there unlike on the opposite side of the river.

On that note I am going to end the blog here! Sorry again for another week of no updates on here, I had planned to get back to weekly blogging from last week and also start posting some art here too but I ran into a few issues including private issues and also discovering that the family computer has stopped working so I can no longer scan anything from the printer/scanner we have - I will have to see if I can connect my laptop to it however I don't think I can move the cabinet around to get to the wires to connect the printer/scanner to my laptop... 💔

I have been drawing more often so I was very disappointed to see that I can't scan some traditional art to post on here but I will figure something out whilst also gradually saving up for a new laptop and also for a decent drawing tablet as I also miss doing digital art greatly too... 💔

I feel like I have now ended this blog on a negative note rather than the positive note that I had originally planned for but hopefully my song choices for the week will leave things on a higher note for you all!

Thank you all for putting up with me and my current lack of regular updates! I do promise that I plan to try and get things going on here properly soon and also get some more written pieces done soon too!

I hopw you all stay safe, have an amazing week and I will (hopefully) be back next weekend for another update! 💜

My top 5 song recommendations for the week (which I feel like kinda shows how varied my music taste is! 😂):