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I want to be the kind of people in the world who make things happen with the willingness to commit.

My 2 camera and lenses worth about $8000SGD are recently stolen (I have already made a police report) and I do not have a stable income at the moment. I spend most of my schooling time on a part-time job to make the purchase possible.

Have stopped blogging (side-income) for a while but still keeping my Instagram account active @xiangtingk

Definitely wish to bring back quality visual content for you guys and start video creation. Hence, would like to ask for your support so that I can gather enough fund to get another camera.

Temporary making do with my iPhone, the primary concern is that the front camera isn't as high quality to take a self-portrait. While gathering funds and savings, I have not given up on content creation.

You can also support me by inviting me to media preview and collaborations to keep the blog running.

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