Breakfast 早餐

While i do not know what to eat, suddenly spotted Mee Bandung written in the board.

This food stall also selling Mee Jawa. So, i selected Mee bandung which is seldom to see most of the restaurants.

在坐着不知道要吃什么的时候,突然看见Mee Bandung 写在招牌上。 这个档口也有卖Mee Jawa. 所以,我就选了这个在一般茶室很少见的Mee Bandung.

1. Mee Bandung

Kind like the Mee Jawa, but the taste of the sauce added coconut milk with sweet taste. Serve with bunch of cucumber slices, eggs and shrimp crackers. Is like having Mee Rebus Ramli.

它很像Mee Jawa, 但是味道有椰奶的香味带甜。 然后有青瓜丝, 蛋,脆脆的虾饼。吃起来有点像Mee Rebus Ramli.

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