Am I in the right way?

Many of us write down goals on our journal or on a piece of paper or on a reminder list in our phones or just plainly paste it on our minds.

What do we mean by goals? What exactly are goals? These:

  • are our ideals

  • are our aspirations

  • are inherently good

  • are things that we want to achieve

  • are things that gives us pride

  • are things that will make us happy

Don't we all have goals? If you tell me that you don't have goals, I will ask you why are you doing what you are doing today. Everything that we do is for a higher purpose. Even when we do not have any idea what that higher purpose may be. Our goals can be anything. It may be that you want to be successful in the future, you want to buy a car, you want to start a business or you want to finish your tasks for the day. There are a lot of different goals for different people. There are lifetime goals, temporary goals, yearly, weekly, and daily goals. I will tell you why having such goals is good and what makes it bad. Think of a goal, a specific goal that you wish to achieve. You may feel a sense of hope or a sense of encouragement to go on and do whatever it takes to fulfill that specific goal. This is because having goals create a path in your life that gives you direction. Sometimes, you may wake up and think that you do not know what to do for the day but when try to think of a certain goal, you may find yourself wanting to work on something significant. That's what your goals does to you, it drives you to improve yourself and it forces you to become efficient and focused even when you think it is hard. Your goals are your motivations. You may need other people to inspire you to become better but just by thinking of your goals, it motivates you to WORK HARD. That is true but what if I tell you that these goals are not as motivational as we think it is. What if instead of feeling motivated, we feel burdened by these goals? What if our goals are not achievable after all?

You are getting in the way of your goals.

I personally set my goals for the next day but when the next day comes, I do not feel the necessity to do my goals for the day. I am getting in the way of my goals by not doing what I am supposed to be doing. This is because I love being spontaneous. I know I have set my goals but that does not necessarily mean that I would do it because I face each day without predetermining how my day would go. I do things randomly which is why I do not have everyday routines. And this makes me feel that everyday is a brand new day. But ever since the pandemic, I have been wanting to arrange my days and my weeks so that I will know what to do each day. I have come to realize that my being spontaneous was wasting my time and it's getting in the way of my goals. I am proof that a spontaneous person makes their goals even when they cannot keep up with it. So what is the point of having goals even when I will not do the appropriate steps to achieve them? I don't know. I probably make goals just for the sake of having them. Right now, what I have been doing is repurposing my goals. Repurposing for me is altering my goals into something beautiful, something that is not heavy for me, something that will not make me feel burdened and these are realistic goals. Because even when we think our goals are achievable, they can sometimes weigh on our shoulders. Therefore, let us make our goals feel weightless. Also, make it fun and exciting! The goals that we should make are realistic and true to our nature. It is just a matter of choosing to do the goals that are fit for your personality. Trust that these realistic goals are going to get you somewhere...

In Chinese Philosophy, Daoist believe about the Way. It is about the nature and reality of things. Why we should stick to our nature is because this is the way things are and how it should always be. The way will lead us right to where we rightfully belong. Ask yourself, are you in the right way?

I don't know if the Chinese ever mentioned about a traffic light but I believe that it is necessary as we walk or drive in the way because the traffic light indicates our freedom to pause, continue, and fully stop when we need to.

Enjoy your day, wise owls!