Hi guys,

I've been having a hard time working at home and staying on task (looking at you, medical charting >_> ). I've tried live-streaming work with me things a few times but it didn't really seem appropriate to any of my channels and stuff.

So my thought is to have a co-working Zoom or Google Meet room open when I'm working and just want to work silently side by side with company. This will be for members (or supporters who buy me 3 cheesecakes lol) only since I do want to keep it a small-ish group. Who knows if this'll catch on but worth a shot, right?

For now, you just have to buy one month of membership for access (or 3 cheesecakes and we'll call it even ;)) for as long as I do this (no promises on any lifetime membership stuff--that's just not realistic and can let people down and is stupid marketing tactic imo).

In the future, I may have to up the rate or require a year's worth of membership or something; or maybe I'll be rolling around in so much dough I can do it all completely for free! We'll see :)

Thanks for reading!

See ya on the interwebs,