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Wrestling enthusiast trying to find a place in the world of professional wrestling. Videography, music videos and various other content in an effort to support an industry I love.

Hey 👋 My name is Alex but some may know me as The Bear. Since I was 6 all I ever wanted to be was a professional wrestler but due to various medical issues that was never meant to be. Now, at the age of 30 I have taken a big step away from a well paid career and into the wrestling world, trying to find my place and contribute along the way. In an effort to support the weird and wonderful world of professional wrestling I aim to put people over in other ways by creating content that directly helps bring more exposure to promotions and hard working individuals especially within the world of British wrestling. I'm currently working with very outdated technology which can be a pain so if you'd like to buy me a coffee it all goes toward upgrading my gear. Thank you 🙌