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Hi there 👋

I have made the following:

TronFAQ Telegram Bot and TronFAQ Discord Bot (A Bot to Answer some FAQ for Tron Network using AI & Machine Learning Algorithms)

Also, the bot distributes the stable coins (USDC, USDD and USDT), and the TRX test coins on Nile and Shasta Tron Blockchain TestNets.

Video Downloader

Steem Blockchain Tools

Free Crypto API

Coin Lookup Telegram Bot - Coin Lookup Discord Bot

Sudoku API and other String APIs

VPS Database

A few useless tools

And some other online software/tools

File/Video Merger

[LOGO Turtle Programming Chrome Extension

Teaching Kids/Wife Programming

String Similarity Server

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Every little helps - and thank you for your support which will motivate me to create more stuffs (Tools, APIs, Features, Tutorials...)!

I hope I can dedicate more time on this.

My github:

PS: For more updates, please visit my personal website: [] or join the club


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