I must apologise for not coming on here and updating or creating any form of membership. If you have been following my channel, you will know I have been having a break from YouTube. We entered another lockdown where we live just as I was taking a break. I talk in my video about why I am having a break. I will attach it to here. I do not want to complain about how I have been burnt out or what has been happening as I know so many people across the world are dealing with so many things right now.

I wanted to embed a link to a go fund me page for my lovely friend Crystal Evans, It wont allow me so I will post a link at the bottom if you can or would like to donate. Crystal has a channel on YouTube too. Crystal and Jorge have been so supportive of my channel. We have done collabs together, tags and built a lovely friendship. It broke my heart to learn that her husband of 12 years suffered from a fatal haemorrhage. Hearing this devastating news has really put things into perspective for me. Life is so short and we don't know what tomorrow will bring. I remember Jorge talking about this on their family channel when it was their 12th anniversary. My thoughts and prayers go out to Crystal and her family. Although I have never met Jorge in person, he and Crystal allowed all of us on YouTube become part of their Familia. I hope that this link is clickable, if not you can copy and paste it to go to the official page to donate. Much love to you all