1/7/2020… Hell of a day. I got a lot accomplished. Even attracted the attention of an investigative reporter from California looking into Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission. She saw my angry review after just moving out of there. It was the day after Christmas. Maybe I will post that review and the subsequent article when it happens. I still have to write something up for her after she gives me a feel with a few questions. I am sleeping in doorways to stay dry because of these UGM flakes. It’s time for the mask to come off. Wait for it… “I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling kids.” Scooby Doo!!!

So yeah, Christmas break is over and I went to the first day of school in 2020 today. Last session I took math and intermediate computer classes. They requested my high school transcripts and I am taking classes for credit and education. I will later go to community college for the final leg of high school continuation. After I get my high school diploma I plan on going to college for Information Technology. Maybe Computer Science. This session at Goodwill Industries I am taking writing and a Microsoft Word class. Baby steps. I will also continue to be tutored in math. I need to get up to the college level to be admitted into University classes.

It's pretty obvious that I am a novice at writing but I do pretty good considering. Forty-five years old with a ninth grade education. This writing class will really help that though. I have an amazing teacher who is also working with me to improve math. The guy really cares. No I am not just saying this because you are reading. lol. Yeah I am hopeful and feeling good about the future. All this while still sleeping on the streets and in doorways to stay dry. It is because of my sobriety that I am able to move forward.

So this will be short today. I just wanted to let y’all know I am going to school and have a few excellent job leads. Now I just need a safe and sober place to lay my head while I work. Keep me in your prayers to whatever higher power you attain spirituality from. Only one financial supporter so far but this blog has over 120 views. Not bad for a smart bum pecking away on a begging blog site. I could really use a hand up if anyone is able. I am worn out from all the typing and schooling I have been put through this week. Time for some zzzzzzzs. See you next time. Peace.