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Creator/writer of I've written all 2800+ articles for the satirical wrestling news site. And I like coffee.

Have you gotten some chuckles out of Kayfabe News over the years? If so, yay! That's the reason I do it. If you feel like giving a little something back, please contribute to the caffeine fund that fuels the writing. Thank you! Colin
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you need your coffee to stay. you got writers, you got youtube, you got news but you got no coffee 

Thank you so much! 

Juan bought Kayfabe News (Colin H.) 3 coffees.

Thanks a million, Juan.  Juan Cena? Just curious. 

Carey bought Kayfabe News (Colin H.) 3 coffees.

I've been enjoying Kayfabe News for years. Your articles about Brock Lesner alone are worth a few coffees. 

Thanks so much, Carey! Very appreciated. 

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Thanks a million, Guy. 

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You've given me so many laughs with your hilarious articles for years now. Can't believe you've been doing it for 8 years. Feels like yesterday that I first came across one of your articles. Still funny to this day. *Chants* You still got it x3

Thanks so much for the donations, and for the great note! I've never received a "still got it" chant before!