After you get on the plane, go straight to the seat and sit down, don't take up the aisle to block others for a second.

You travel light, don't take overweight and overweight luggage, and you won't let the flight attendant put any luggage for you. When you see other big men around you asking the flight attendant to put their luggage, you will go over to help without hesitation, and pass the contempt to that man by the way. eyes.

You sit at the emergency exit and take the initiative to put all loose items such as clothes and bags on the luggage rack. Even if you can recite the Chinese and English versions of the emergency exit introduction, you can still listen to the flight attendant's explanation carefully and tell her that she will do it in an emergency. Good helpers helped the crew organize the evacuation.

The flight is delayed, you sit there obediently, don’t make noise, don’t shout for compensation, and people around you scold the flight attendant, you will take the initiative to reason and tell them that the bad weather on the route caused the plane to queue up, the delay has nothing to do with the flight attendant, please don’t be embarrassed they.

During the safety inspection before the plane takes off, you consciously fasten your seat belt, straighten the seat back, put away the small table, open the sun visor, take off the headset, and switch to flight mode. Never let the flight attendant say a word. If other passengers are found to be making phone calls and other irregularities during the critical stage of takeoff, they will remind them to pay attention to complying with safety regulations.

When delivering meals and water, you hardly eat or drink, you never ring the bell, you only drink mineral water, you can take one meal at most when you are hungry, and you don’t bring melon seeds and snacks to get confetti all over the floor. After each meal, the garbage will be neatly placed in the lunch box or in the cleaning bag, and the unfinished water will not be placed in the lunch box. When it's time to pick up your trash, your lunch box will look as neat and beautiful as it did when it was shipped.

You know how to bring a thin coat, occasionally forgetting the coat, and would rather endure it yourself, and insist on leaving the blanket to the elderly, the sick, the disabled, pregnant and other people who need it more.

Your in-flight entertainment is mainly reading books, and occasionally you use your mobile phone or PAD to watch videos while plugging in your headphones, never making any noise to disturb other people's rest.

You know how to wait for the meal service process to finish before going to the bathroom, not to fight with the dining car in the aisle, and even if the door is unlocked, you know to knock on the door to see if there is anyone inside, and immediately lock the door when you enter, and use When you're done, you'll wipe down the countertops and sinks with a paper towel, leaving a clean and tidy environment for the next traveler to use the restroom.

After the landing safety check, you should fasten your seat belt and wait for the landing. During the critical stage, you should never walk back and forth in the cabin. When landing and taxiing, the aircraft will never stand up until it reaches the parking lot and will remind you when you see others standing up. He sits down.

When you get off the plane, you will take the initiative to say hello to the flight attendant, say "good work", and return with the kindest smile.

When you get a call back for an airline service review, you give full marks and say the flight attendants are great because you know how much trouble they can get with a casual review.

You are gentle, polite, caring, friendly and make each of us feel comfortable and warm.

Well, I see, your girlfriend is a flight attendant, right?