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Dec 04, 2021

With the loss of my husband this year it has been difficult for our children. It came as a surprise, first we thought he was going to pull through but as the days came and went and he didn’t appear he was going to make it well you all know what happened, so suddenly.

My children were so supportive of the situation. With all the emotions coming and going they were all strong for me. We went through the process of sharing good times about their dad.

The grandchildren took it the hardest as they were very close to my husband (Ray). How do children cope with loss of a loved one? We made the best for them. I can’t emphasis how devasting it is to lose someone you love. You hear stories about death but it is an individual feeling for everyone.

My husband and I have 5 children, 3 of mine and 2 of his. We are family. We don’t consider our children step of anything; they are ours. I love that idea. We met when my youngest was 12 years old and the other children were already older. There are 9 grandchildren and going to be 4 great grandchildren in December.

One more thing about family, my husband has only one sister. His other family has passed and I am trying to keep in touch with her. The loss of a brother or sister is just as devasting.

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