During our lifetime, we have met many people in different places in this world whether it is the neighbor a schoolmate, a work partner, or someone random. Some of them become what we call friends.

Wikipedia states “A friend is a partner in friendship, an interpersonal relationship between humans.” “Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people.

In other encyclopedias, there are different definitions about friends such as troubled years, friends of God, social networking, etc. and we could go on and on.

I have to admit I have had many friends over the years. One dear friend I had over 15 years and there were no secrets between us. We finally had a fallout and heaven know why. I don’t.

Some friends you meet and stay friends even when we move, or our lives change. We keep in touch and still have that fabulous friendship that we created over the years. Some are special and some just decline with time and some pass on to another world.

During my grieving time, I have to admit I give kudos to a couple of special friends that I have not known for long. I mean about 9 years and one about 3 years. They were my rocks, my rope, my wind, the sun, and the moon. They were there when I was depressed or needed an ear to listen to me rattling about my husband or something I was upset about. They call and come to see how I am doing without asking them. They let me be what I am at that moment when all logic is gone and emotion kicks in. Then there are the ones that are far away and call or text to see how I am doing. I am very grateful to have such friends. In my lifetime I have never felt so loved by my friends that I have to call them family. NO family relation but they are loved non the less.

Friendship does not mean that my real family isn’t available they are my treasure.

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