August 3, 2022

Starting Over

It has been over a year since the death of my husband and there have been many changes in my emotional, and mental status. Even my life has changed. Went for a massage and as you know we have to take off our jewelry and I did. When I got home and decided not to put my wedding ring back on, I am after all single. It feels awkward since I touch the left finger often with nothing on the finger. At home, it feels different when I am alone like the start of a new life. I go out shopping with no concerns about returning at a particular time. Cooking has become cumbersome only cooking for one. I feel different, can’t explain it may be free. I know that must sound sad or bad, but I can't help the way I feel. The house is quiet. Responsibility is the same but with more freedom. Of course, there are things that I would like to muddle over with someone that could give me advice one way or another.

I used to do crafting, yoga, meditation, and other cool things by myself, and I have started doing them again. For example: looking for a place to teach yoga and have been making kumihimo jewelry. I can place all items in the living room without having to clean up after myself. It feels really good. So many changes in the last year.

For those of you who have been by my side, I Thank you for supporting me in my new venture. Take care and be mindful of your dreams. Enjoy your life to the fullest. My love to you all.

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