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"Hey you guys! Thanks for checking out my BMC page! This is a page for followers who want to receive exclusive BTS content that I don't share on social media!" 

In 2016 I decided to turn my cosplay hobby into a full-time job. It's exciting to be able to travel, sell and meet some of my favorite cosplayers and meet other crochet cosplayers.

BMC lets my followers support my crochet work! Cosplaying, designing and photo shoots are both time consuming and expensive. Every cosplay is made by me and patterns are created 100% by me. I put countless hours of time and passion into my work and BMC allows me to give back to those who are kind enough to give to me, by allowing them access to the exclusive content and rewards!


- When are new patterns released?

    - New patterns are released around the 19th of each month.

- Why should I spend 10$ to be a member?

    -  Members get patterns at an 85% discount. This offer isn't available             anywhere else.

- How do I get a Yarnling sticker?

    - Message me your shipping address after you sign up.

- Are you images "NSFW"?

    - The 10 HD images are me wearing and showcasing the lingerie. It's            not "explicit"

- Will you be posting cosplay patterns?

    - Yes. As my support grows I will begin to add my cosplay patterns.

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