The last quarter is, usually, the most profitable.


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🚀 Crypto Christmas

I clearly remember Christmas of 2017 when the value of Bitcoin soared from $4k to almost $20k in the last quarter of the year. I eagerly shared the news with family and friends, but really most of them could not grasp the potential of this new technology and did not understand the reason for the price appreciation of something without a center or product.

Today, four years later, after a massive market adoption and many innovations that have been revolutionizing the definition of “Money” and the way we interact with technology, many of my family members and friends are asking, what the [email protected]#$ is happening in the industry?

"It is never too late to learn, and we will never know enough."

This Christmas can be very promising for the crypto industry, but as always, volatility can lead to a deflated period.

On October 18th, the SEC will have the decision to approve the “ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF,” a Bitcoin ETF that seeks to invest in future prices of the asset. If approved, it could unleash a very productive price hike for everyone involved in this world. And aside, there are 8 other Bitcoins ETFs waiting to be approved before the end of 2021.

  • Historically, the last quarter of the year has been, with a few exceptions (2014, 2018, and 2019), the most lucrative:

  • October- December 2020 Average: 39.2%

  • October- December 2019 Average: -5.7%

  • October- December 2018 Average: -10.8%

  • October- December 2017 Average: 47.1%

  • October- December 2016 Average: 16.97%

  • October- December 2015 Average: 22.4%

  • October- December 2014 Average: -1.1%

  • October- December 2013 Average: 162.2%

Another data to consider for this last quarter of 2021, is the global adoption of this technology. For example, El Salvador has adopted Bitcoin as legal currency and the "lightning network" has made all kinds of immediate and secure transactions possible.

This, among many other things, can cause the value of cryptocurrencies to skyrocket and give us a lucrative Crypto Christmas.

🗂️ Directory of the week

👀 Under the Radar

Kadena - Enables companies in all industries to transact and share data in an efficient and decentralized manner. Kadena technology aims to solve challenges such as speed, scalability and security.

Zilliqa - Public, permissionless blockchain that is designed to deliver high performance. Unlike the others this one uses fragmentation as a second layer scaling solution. It houses many decentralized applications, enables staking, and yield farming.

Dotmoovs - Remote digital peer-to-peer sports competition platform. They have developed an artificial intelligence algorithm that allows you to film tricks and sports movements from the application and share them. Players will monetize their skills by investing in $MOOV. They are creating the first and most exclusive NFT collection featuring everyone's favorite athletes.

KLEEKAI - Decentralized Community Transaction Network. It was launched by distributing 2% of the tokens among the holders. The coins will be burned to increase their value. KleeKai is owned by its fun and vibrant community, including its developers and team who bought $ KLEE on the open market.

NFTBooks (NFTBS) - is a token launched on June 7, 2021. NFTBS not only allows readers to read a book at the lowest cost, but also helps the authors profit from readership. NFTBS is created to bridge the gap between readers and authors while giving investors the opportunity to make a profit by buying and holding the token in their wallets; 2% of each purchase and sale is redistributed among the holders. NFTBS envisions transforming the world of book reading, making it more profitable and accessible to many people.

📰 News

🤯 NFT Madness