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A project of artist and writer Peter Bruun, Yarrow & Cleat was created in Spring 2020 to help him make sense of a COVID-19 world. In sharing authentic messages of grace and beauty, our goal is to illuminate our collective resilience, hope, and fellowship. Yarrow & Cleat is from a specific place, but the stories are intended for everyone.

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Meg Harrington
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On this first day of the New Year 2021, I remember my sweet nephew and gentle soul, Sean, who we lost in 2020.  May we save more than we lose this year.  May we share kindness and compassion and turn away from prejudice and judgment.  May we share peace and light . 

I knew Sean (and he of course knew my daughter), and he was a good man. I am grateful for your kind support, and extend back to you a wish to share peace and light.

Kitty Hartford
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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank YOU for your support and ongoing readership!

Kim Mclellan
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I am so touched by this support - I think Brendon and his family are remarkable. ❤️ 

Someone bought 5 coffees.

Thank you!