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A project of artist and writer Peter Bruun, Yarrow & Cleat was created in Spring 2020 to help him make sense of a COVID-19 world. In sharing authentic messages of grace and beauty, our goal is to illuminate our collective resilience, hope, and fellowship. Yarrow & Cleat is from a specific place, but the stories are intended for everyone.

Whether you’re choosing to just buy us a cup of coffee from time to time, or actively seeking to be a more substantial sponsor for which we express gratitude each week, we literally could not exist without you. We depend on you.

We hope you might contact us to consider being a sponsor. There is no set price on sponsorship, just a conversation: we are a small and informal operation, and as such we’d love to simply talk things through with you.

Carly Churchill
Carly Churchill bought 3 coffees.

Carly, this is so sweet of you! And I know you're SO busy at Brooks... for you to take the time for this... 🙏 

Someone bought 30 coffees.

This is a hugely supportive gift - thank you so very much! I'm caffeinated enough to keep going for sure...!

Someone bought 5 coffees.

I think 5 coffees a month is something I can do. Don't gulp all at once! Thanks for what you are doing, Peter and all.

This is SO very generous!! If ten people did the same as you, I'd be super content with the support - and have plenty of coffee to drink!

Evelyn Chatmon
Evelyn Chatmon bought 5 coffees.

A woman of her word - thank you, Evelyn!

Someone bought 5 coffees.

Reading the Neighbor Tales is a Saturday treat - taken with tea.  Good wishes to all

Thank you so very much for this generous kindness. I am grateful.