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A project of artist and writer Peter Bruun, Yarrow & Cleat was created in Spring 2020 to help him make sense of a COVID-19 world. In sharing authentic messages of grace and beauty, our goal is to illuminate our collective resilience, hope, and fellowship. Yarrow & Cleat is from a specific place, but the stories are intended for everyone.

Whether you’re choosing to just buy us a cup of coffee from time to time, or actively seeking to be a more substantial sponsor for which we express gratitude each week, we literally could not exist without you. We depend on you.

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Thank you so much for your kind gift! Every contribution makes a difference more than just financially - it is a dose of encouragement and comfort as well - like a good cup of coffee!

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Megan McCarthy
Megan McCarthy bought 5 coffees.

It is lovely to see this evolving, I especially appreciate your reflections each week and the beautiful variety of work in Art Spot that I'd never discover without Yarrow & Cleat!

Megan, my dear friend - who made this magazine the BRAND it is - I am grateful: thank you! (The coffee is lovely too!)

Kitty Hartford
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I cannot leave Facebook because I keep coming across treasures like Yarrrow & Cleat!

That's SO very nice of you to say, and we are SUPER grateful for your support!!

Someone bought 5 coffees.

Another beautiful issue. Thank you

That is so kind of you and your support is so gratefully accepted! Thank you.