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Hi! We're Danny and Azariah, the hosts of the "Yass, Jesus!" podcast. 

We launched this podcast as a way of dealing with our own "church trauma," and reconnecting with our faith as two out-and-proud Queer people. 

Making this podcast is a labor of love and it's changed our lives in ways we never could have imagined. We are so grateful for the opportunity to connect with other members of the LGBQIA+ community and their allies and work together to redefine what it means to have faith. 

We've come a long way; from questioning our sexualities and our faiths to enrolling in conversion therapy, to accepting ourselves just as God made us and reconnecting to our faith as the truest versions of ourselves. It's been an incredible journey and we hope you'll come along with us. 

About the Podcast

Yass, Jesus! is a faith and sexuality affirming comedy podcast that believes you don't have to pick between gay and God. Each week, Actor and comedian Daniel Franzese (Mean Girls, Looking) and his former televangelist bestie, Azariah Southworth (The Remix on TBN) meet to Yassify your faith. ​New episodes every Sunday.

About Danny

In Hebrew, the name Daniel means “God is my judge.” Daniel Franzese lived his life knowing the meaning of his name would carry him through missions as a dedicated member of his Pentecostal church.

As he discovered he was queer, his journey became more complicated. At 21, Daniel checked himself into conversion therapy just as he began his acting career. Terrified and closeted, Daniel went on to play the iconic gay teen “Damian” in Mean Girls. He came out publicly on the film’s tenth anniversary. 

As part of his legacy, Daniel wants LGBTQ persons to hear the message he so desperately needed to hear himself: no one can take God away from you.

About Azariah

For two seasons, Azariah hosted and produced the syndicated Christian TV show The Remix on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. In 2008, Azariah sparked controversy after announcing he is gay, the first TBN personality to ever do so. 

The Remix was pulled from the air immediately following his announcement and Azariah was shunned from a community he valued more than anything. 

Azariah is currently writing a memoir detailing his story of escaping religious extremism and healing from the trauma of conversion therapy, and working to bring the word of God to other people like him.

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