• Chat with the editor of your piece over Zoom BEFORE they read it to tell them key things you want focused on, issues you weren't sure how to fix, anything you'd like the editor to keep in mind as they go through your piece. You can also ask them about their editing style, turnaround time, etc.

  • TIME: 30 mins



  • Use this service to meet with an editor before they read your re-submitted draft if you want to talk with them about the changes you made before they read the new draft.

  • TIME: 30 mins



  • Chat with the editor of your piece over Zoom AFTER they read it to discuss their findings in detail. This lets you address any comments/changes they made or anything else about the draft you want to talk about.

  • TIME: 1 hour



  • Use this service to meet with an editor after they read your re-submitted draft if you want to talk with them about the changes they made to the new draft.

  • TIME: 1 hour



1) Purchase one of the above services

2) Email [email protected] with:

  • subject line 'Editor Meetings BMC firstname lastname’

  • in the body of your email please provide the title of your work already or to be submitted to our ‘editing services’ extra

  • *NOTE: you cannot purchase only an editor meetings listing. This listing is only to discuss the edits made by the editor; the edits themselves are done through the purchase of the editing services listing.

  • If you are located outside of Alberta, Canada please include your time zone

3) You will receive separate emails from YEGWrites Admin ([email protected]) confirming receipt of your file (editing services) and editor assignment (editor meetings)

4) Your assigned editor will reach out to you via email to find a date and time that works for both of you to meet. All meetings will take place over Zoom. You do not need to turn your camera on if you don't want to.

  • *Note that editors cannot discuss edits with you over email, only through the edits made on your file and during the editor meeting

  • If you purchased a CONSULTATION, your editor should contact you within 3 business days to arrange a meeting. If you purchased a DEBRIEF, it may take up to 2 weeks to hear from them as they need time to make their edits before meeting with you. Please do not email your editor asking about progress, how long it will take, editing questions, etc.



If you need to cancel or change the date and/or time of your meeting, contact your editor directly. You can change/cancel your meeting up to 24 hours before the scheduled time (based on the time stamp when you sent your email, not when we received it!).

It is up to your editor's discretion if they will accept a cancelled/changed meeting received with less than 24 hours’ notice. Less than 24 hours’ notice may be subject to cancellation fees:


  • DEBRIEF: $5.50



In the case of cancellation charges, your order will be refunded minus the cancellation fee above and you will need to purchase a new editor meeting to re-schedule.