Dec 29, 2021

Editor Meetings Details

CONSULTATIONChat with the editor of your piece over Zoom BEFORE they read it to tell them key things you want focused on, issues you weren't sure how to fix, anything you'd like the editor to keep in mind as they go through your piece. You can also ask them about their editing style, turnaround time, etc.TIME: 30 mins REVISION CONSULTATIONUse this service to meet with an editor before they read your re-submitted draft if you want to talk with them about the changes you made... more

Dec 12, 2021

Editing Services Details

While we are not industry professionals (and therefore not charging industry rates), editors get better by editing, and the quality of the work in our anthology will be reflected in your provided feedback. Published, unpublished, and newly starting writers are all encouraged to submit.Each purchase of 1 'editing services' includes:1 round of SUBSTANTIVE (i.e. content) editing - this includes things like overall plot, character development, themes, dialogue, author voice, etc. This... more

Editing Services Details
Editor Meetings Details

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