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Hello, Gorgeous Ladies & Lads of Wellness! (G.LO.W.) If you're overworked with life and with how to get and stay well with cancer and chronic illness then this is a place for YOU.

I'm Yentl, your personal holistic health mentor here (registered dietitian & stress therapist) to help you prioritize your health for prevention and remission.

I run the Thrive Tribe (ladies only), a FREE holistic nutrition support group on Facebook for cancer and chronic condition conquerors and thrivers.
I'm starting the G.L.O.W. Community (for both ladies & lads) right here and on Patreon real soon! In the G.L.O.W. community, you'll find nutrition and well-being tips rooted in science and self-compassion and never with restrictions or so-called standards.

With community support, fun monthly challenges, and exclusive access to videos, resources, Q&As with me, recipes, meals plans (and more!) you can start to eat & live with less stress no matter how busy life gets so that YOU too can be a cancer & disease thriver and survivor!

Thank you for your visit and Buy Me A Bucha (aka kombucha) to support and spread the cause!