Buy Faith Elizabeth a coffee


Founder of the "Yes She Cannes" project, Faith Elizabeth & Director of the company Jennifer Niejadlik set up YSC in 2018 to help support women in the film community.

YesSheCannes is a project which celebrates and encourages women to believe that “if she can, then you can too”.

Successfully launched at Cannes Film Festival 2018, empowering women through our conversation provoking pins, our networking event at the American Pavilion and our fun photoshoot where many friendships were also formed.

We have been building the project over the last year, having just launched our exclusive necklace for sale to spread our empowering message (available £25: [email protected] ).

We are however yet to secure a sponsor, so would appreciate any kind donations to help us with mounting costs for this years festival.

We also hope to raise enough funds through necklace sales and donations, to host another successful event in addition to buying more promotional pins & support the running costs.

BuyMeACoffee offers a safe, fast & cheap way of giving & receiving money support us quickly & efficiently. 

Yes She Cannes