I spent the last 3 days reviewing a 350+pages word document regarding my life purpose, my values, as well as the 7 areas of life (spiritual, wisdom, vocational, physical, financial, familial, social).

The word document was provided as part of the Master Planning for Life session with Dr John Demartini.

The document is filled with questions designed to get you thinking of every detail of your life. For example - What percentage of all of the money that you have earned in your life time is saved as a net worth?

I have never asked myself those questions before, yet alone finding a response to them.

I left many questions blank because I really have no idea how to conjure an answer. This mainly occurs in the areas of life that I am lacking.

Despite my inability to answer these questions, they challenged my perspective, expanded my horizon and possibilities.

Dr Dermatini reviewed his life plan on a daily basis. He is a different breed.

Me, on the other hand, plans to review it on a quarterly basis, part of my quarterly reflection.

My objective is to:

Live a life by design.