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I'm the author of, "The Ghosts of Springhollow," and "UFO's and Paranormal Activity on the Old Titus Dairy Farm."

Welcome to my BMC page!

First off, a bit about myself! I live with my cat, Lillie, in my "Writer's Cave," also known as my '97 Chevy Cargo van that I converted into a camper. 

I've published two books so far, with a children's series on the way. You can check out the first book here, and the second one out here.

How can supporting me help? It helps me cover the costs of paying illustrators for awesome book covers! And that's huge! Kids love super cool covers, and so do I. I also hope to eventually hire someone to edit my books. 

By the way, if you choose to be a monthly supporter - you can get killed, or seriously maimed, in a future book!

Thank you so much for your support!


Yochana Coleman

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