Welcome to Standing Yoga Basics!

In this program, you will learn foundational standing yoga poses and common transitions between the poses. The classes are designed to be at an open level, so they can be done by complete beginners and experienced yoga practitioners.

This program includes eight standing yoga classes (20-30 minutes each):

1. 27 min Standing Yoga Basics 1 - you can practice this class for free on Youtube:


2. 15/28 min Standing Yoga Basics 2

3. 21 min Standing Yoga Basics 3

4. 20 min Standing Head-to-toe Stretch

5. 27 min Standing Warrior Flow

6. 26 min Standing Yoga For Balance 1

7. 25 min Standing Yoga For Balance 2

8. 27 min Standing Yoga Flow

The program also includes three short bonus videos:

9. 10 min seated cool down

10. 10 min reclined cool down

11. 10 min savasana

You can just practice standing yoga classes or combine them with bonus videos for a longer yoga session. For example:

20 min standing yoga + 10 min reclined cool down = 30 min yoga class

25 min standing yoga + 10 min seated cool down + 10 min savasana = 45 min yoga class

The classes are hosted ad-free on Youtube in the unlisted playlist. The links to the videos are in the downloadable PDF: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/yogawithuliana/e/89825

The videos don’t have music, so you can practice in silence, play your favorite music, or use one of the playlists I link in the program.

Let me know if you have further questions about the program and enjoy your practice!