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Art is a pretext to connection.

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Yohann and I am an internationally published photographer. I travel the world to photograph the people, celebrations, icons, lifestyle, and culture that make each country unique. Most people know me to be a “Gypsy Photographer”, free-spirited in his ways of working.

Many of you know me from Unsplash where I post much of my work.

I believe in monochrome photos and I try and find unique perspectives and compositions. With my photography, I aim to capture a moment.

I focus on feelings. Emotions. Interactions. What makes us human. How we are living beings. I continue what I started in photography: working on the very core of what makes us alive, and how we deal with that. Contrasts, tensions, contradictions, passions. With each encounter, I explore souls and hearts.

I feed on music and movies and journeys. Inspiration can come from a mood, a song, a frame, a light. A vibration. You.

On the surface I make art. But actually, I'm an explorer of the human soul…



For the last year or so I have been creating daily stories based on the things I photograph. So many of you have started following along and telling me how much you look forward each day to the images and their stories. I want to continue to provide these images and daily adventures to you. To do so I need you to become part of my team!

It's not a one-time campaign, it's a solidarity system, think of it as patronage or a tip jar. Not a charity, I'm a working artist.

Being a full-time artist and creator can be difficult when you fund your own projects, as any creative person will testify.

Basically, your support will keep me traveling and help to cover all aspects of shooting including instant film, gear repair, Airbnb places, hotel rooms, Uber rides, gear for the models, and production of other books.

I want to point out that I will be continuing to do my photography, start new projects, and continue to release it on my website, social media, and in as many publications as possible, as well as free for all images. If you can’t afford to (or just don't want to) donate that is more than fine, just share my work, it's a big kind of help for me.

With your support, I hope to be able to, not only continue to expand my body of work and publish new shoots each month but also expand into new territories without as much fear of the economic consequences. Without the support of all of the people who follow and believe in my work I certainly wouldn’t have come as far as I have. I’m grateful to everyone who has kept me afloat and who continues to allow me to do the thing I love.

Thank you in advance for any of your support!