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Hey everybody 🙌

I'm passionate about building things that can be helpful for people.

That's why I launched 2 newsletters, and a giant repository to help entrepreneurs build great companies.

My first newsletter is called Behind the Curtain. Its goal is to share what happens in the backstage of great companies: which methods are they using? Which processes and tools have they built? The goal of this newsletter is to help organizations to get inspired by the best companies out there. This one is in English.

My second newsletter is called snowball. It's about a topic I'm in love with: personal finances. From managing your budget to investing your savings. This newsletter is in French for now (🇫🇷).

Finally, I'm building a giant repository on Notion called The Company Building Handbook. The purpose of this repository is to gather as much information as possible for entrepreneurs and their employees in order to build great companies.

I'm building all these things in my spare time early in the morning and during weekends. If you feel like this content is helping you and adding value to your own work or life, well... just buy me a coffee ☕️ 

Cheers ❤️

Yoann Lopez

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