All hygiene is important. But this article is about oral hygiene. A lot of people seem to have a problem with oral hygiene. Everything requires gaining an understanding in order for you to be successful. Everything has a nature that must be understood in order to conquer it. If you don’t know how and why bad breath keeps returning then you will never know who to stop it.

In order to stop bad breath germs you have to kill them. Most mouthwash just cover up bad breath germs, which is treating the symptom not curing the cause. You should at least brush your entire mouth twice a day...once in the morning and again before going to bed. Not sure why it is called brushing your teeth. You should take care to brush your entire mouth, which includes your teeth, tongue, the sides of your jaw, under your tongue, your gums top, bottom and sides, and the roof of your mouth. Brush as many times as it takes for your mouth to feel clean. For me I usually brush until my mouth feels clean, which is about 5 to 6 times. Not sure how I got into this habit, but it is sealed. If I go less than that my mouth does not feel clean.

What causes bad breath and cavities? The answer to this question is not cleaning your mouth throughly, properly after eating is the culprit. Not cleaning your mouth well causes you to have rotting teeth, bad breath, and gums that will eventually pull away from your teeth. Germs penetrate the gums and start to attack the roots of your teeth. This leads to so many problems orally that can easily be avoided. Anything that starts to decay will began to smell. How fast mouth germs destroy depends on age, health and oral care. There is a simple solution to oral care that will cure all of the above mentioned issues. This solution is so thorough that you can even skip a day or two and your breath still won’t smell. I understand that you will find this hard to believe, but it’s true. Just to give you a little backdrop. I once dated a guy who was so enthrall with the fact that my body had no smell. He would always make mention to my body odor and smell me. That was so unusual and hard to believe for him especially with my mouth first thing in the morning. He would ask me to put my mouth on his nose and talk. He would ask how is it possible that your mouth has no smell? At that time I really did not know how to answer him properly. I would just tell him what my routine was, and how I managed my hygiene care. I was just raised that way is what I would say to him. But I digress from my little story time.

Below is the routine for killing bad breath germs:

All you need is water as hot as you can hold in your mouth

Use 1 table of either pink or gray salt or baking soda. I use baking soda. The salt seems to have the drying effect to my throat, so I changed to baking soda. I have not had any issues since the switch.

I like to add different essential oils to my hot water rinse. Orange oil is my favorite and smells the best to me. Using the orange does not slow down the healing process. It could just be my imagination, but it seems that when I use other oils besides the orange it slowed down the healing. It may differ for different people.

You can also use the hot water mouth rinse as a pre-rinse. Just heat your water add your salt or baking soda along with the oil. Take in a mouth full of water and hold it in until the water cools and repeat several times. If you use the mouth rinse as a pre-rinse you can now proceed with brushing your teeth. You may also choose to use hot water rinse after you have brushed your teeth. Either way is a win win!

This solution works better than any mouthwash you will have ever my opinion. And it is also better for your teeth and gums. The hot water penetrates your gums and kills the germs that causes your teeth to rot. You will notice that your teeth will began to whiten, feel stronger and the rot will began to heal. If you have an issue with reseeding gums it will also repair that as well. The hot water rinse will also remove the white film from your tongue. After the first use your tongue will become pink and your breath will be fresh and clean. Nothing happens overnight, but with consistency everything happens.

Knowledge is the key that opens doors. But Proper Knowledge applied opens all doors.