If your colon is young you are young. You may ask what do I mean by that. If you take care of your colon your colon will take care of you. You age because your colon is aging. If your colon is young then you are young. Which is why I titled this article “Your Colon Is Your Fountain Is Of Youth”. A sick and sluggish colon is unable to get the vitamins and minerals that is needed for the body. Vitamins and minerals keep you looking young and feeling good. Your colon is an important organ that absorb minerals and vitamins and distribute them throughout your body. Keeping your colon young, clean and healthy will give you the appearance of young, clean and health. But if you eat lots foods that clog your colon that move slowly through your colon...this hinders your colon from being able to absorb vitamins and minerals and distribute them to the cells of your body. You can improve your eyesight by having a cleaner colon. You can have clear skin by having clean and clear colon. The benefits go on and on from having a healthy colon.

Eating foods that are easy for your stomach to digest makes it easier for your colon to remove waste from your body and extrapolate the water, vitamins, and minerals. Our health is related to what and how many times we eat. Over eating will ruin your health and cause you not to feel well. Eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner with snacks all in between will cloud your eyes, bump your skin and put fat and plaque in your colon, and this will lead to sickness.

We Need to practice a healthy diet. Eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking water along with proper exercise will heal a lot of ailing conditions that a lot of us suffer from. Health is a world that has to be explored. Someone explored it in order to use the benefits and turn them into misfits. This world right now is topsy turvy and we have to turn it right side up again. We are standing on our heads in a moral sense. It seems as if we know nothing anymore. But our health is so important that it as must to right side it and push health and wellness.

Foods that goes into your colon should not be processed. Processed foods are a death sentence for your colon. Foods that contain their own water such as fruits should be eaten in their proper state. Cooked vegetables should not be over cooked to where they lose their color and value. And you should drink plenty of water and stretch everyday to stretch your colon and move down waste for exit of your body.

Remember Knowledge is the key that opens doors. But Proper Knowledge is the key opens all doors.


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