hi you all :)

which book should i update next??

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list of my completed stories that are available to claim from the extras section :

  1. 50 SHADES DARKER [obsessive!tae ; mafia lord! jk]

  2. SINCE 1915 [captain!Jeon and nurse!tae ; omegaverse]

  3. FIRST BREATH [soft alpha!koo ; sassy omega!tae ; mpreg]

  4. THE UWU THIEF [little!tae ; daddy!jk ; ddlb au]

  5. FOREVER YOURS [kidnapping au]

  6. THE HEART THIEF [bully ; dare au]

  7. YES, ALPHA [werewolf au]

  8. SUMMER STARS [merman tae x human jk]

  9. NOAH [autistic child + single parent x caregiver au]

  10. CHUBBY [coach!jk ; fatty!tae]

  11. THE YULE BALL [slytherin!jk ; gryffindor!tae]

  12. LOLITA [older!jk ; his 17yr old stepson! tae ; based on LOLITA the movie]

  13. THE JEON EFFECT [college au]

  14. HALCYON [tattoo artist!jk ; nerd!tae]

  15. WHITE KNIGHT [prince!tae ; knight!jk ; omegaverse]

  16. HIS ANGEL [human (?)! tae x archangel!jk]

  17. VOGUE [supermodels do steamy hot photoshoot together]

  18. SIN [devil x angel]

  19. SEX TAPE [brand new ; boyfriends tk suddenly get a new idea to have fun in the bedroom]

  20. MR AND MRS CLAUS [enemies tk have to play the part at the upcoming frat party but things don’t go as planned when they keep bumping under the mistletoes]

  21. MERMAN [merman!jk ; human!tae]