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Sep 01, 2022

there’s something im working on since the last few weeks and it’s no surprise that its on writing a book (lol) and it’ll be soon published on amazon.com so YAY ✨

it’ll be my second book to be an original and im so happy to share this announcement here (it’s a pretty big deal for me as the first book was a short story and this one’s a novel), i wanted you all to be the first ones to know <3

as usual, if you purchase the paperback, you’ll get the fanfic version as a freebie just because i love you and i’m thankful for all your support and appreciation.

and of course you can only claim the fanfiction version if that’s what you’d like to read more from the extras section of my page.

this message is short for i just wanted to give a brief breaking news about my real life updates so don’t worry, you’ll get a proper announcement with the links and everything once i’m done with the process of turning my story into a paperback :)

love you xoxo

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